About Me...


I’ve been doing anesthesia for a long time.   How long?

  • Some of my early classmates were switchboard operators.

  • My first day of anesthesia residency was spent getting an earpiece made so that I could use the only reliable monitor of the time, the precordial stethoscope.

  • Countless cases of inflating a manual blood pressure cuff every few minutes to measure blood pressure while keeping my finger on a pulse. (And who can forget the PLOSS valve)

  • It was the era of the “first resident in” gets the only available automatic blood pressure machine.

  • When eventually available, capnography was the size of a refrigerator, and the pulse oximeter was the size of a microwave

  • or curare, the stuff of poision tipped arrows, was muscle relaxant of choice.

Ahh, the good old days.

About a year ago, I became interested in the impact of cannabis and kratom on anesthesia care. One of my former associates introduced me to use of medicaI marijuana and I was impressed by his empathy towards the patients he was helping. As I read and studied more, the complexities using marijuana in patient care became more apparent. Like any other herbal product, marijuana had real issues concerning production, processing, and packaging. More important, the importance of mindset and the setting in which marijuana is used became more apparent. Maybe the notable “placebo effect” seen with medical marijuana is not a weakness, but an indication that other factors were more important than the product itself, Maybe mindset and the setting contributed more than just a little to marijuana’s efficacy.

Working with my associate, Felipe Munoz, we have started a new practice, Empathic Practice, LLC, in Pensacola to maximize the potential for patients’ wellness using mindfulness and meditation as a foundation to the use of other therapies including medical marijuana and related products. This website is about the information we have learned as we progressed in our practice.

Some warning when it comes to medical marijuana. First, don’t buy the hype. For a plant with so much potential, it is poorly studied and there is a lot to learn. There is much variablity in drug and patient interaction. Most important, when someone promises that a drug will solve every problem, they will try to sell you anything. So, medical marijuana has great potential, but trial and error is in expensive and time consuming process.

For anyone looking it should be clear that other herbal products are being used more and more. I will also try to include more information about kartom and some limited information about ayahuasca. You may not know much about them now, but be prepared to see them used more frequently in the future.