About Me...



I suppose I'm supposed to have smiling professional head shot here, but the image above, my car, is a better example of my anesthesia career.  This fine 2002 Buick Century has many of the same qualities that many successful anesthesia professionals have: reliable, starts on time every time, knows how and when to stop, and requires little expensive maintenance.  In fact, you don't need to go back  to 2002 to understand these qualities, you could go back to the 1970's or even earlier.  I do somethings today that I did on first days of my residency.  Much of what you do today and the principles that drive what you do today have been unchanged for decades.

This profession has taken me a long way.  I have been practicing anesthesia for almost forty years in facilities of all sizes splitting my time almost equally in the Anesthesia Care Team model and anesthesiologists-only practices.  During this time I was the director of a CRNA school, written a book chapter on anesthesia operations management, been involved with several anesthesia management companies, and have started several independent anesthesia groups.

So, while the old values hold true, but just as my steady reliable 2002 Buick will be replaced by a Tesla very soon, much has changed for anesthesia professionals, and much more needs to be changed.

The big question... who is going to make the decisions about these changes and what are they going to be.