You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

My education in medical marijuana was a journey in learning many new and contrary ideas. As a former pharmacy student, I thought I understood the complexities of the product, processing, and packaging of herbal medications. I had a lot to learn. As a physician, I thought I had some knowledge of how to prescribe medications. With medical marijuana I had a lot more to learn.

The image below is a good summary of the rollercoaster path I have taken. Many of the the ups and downs came from the realization that the effect of medical marijuana was not about the complexities of the drug alone, but much had to do with the state of mind of the people using the drugs. Any review of the social media postings of medical marijuana user shows more ups and downs than a rollercoaster. What products works for one patient makes the other either worse off of has no effect at all.

Now add a new group of CBD products with the potential to both help and disappoint patients and you have the perfect storm to confuse almost anyone. Hopefully, more information and education will help us all make better decisions.